Logistics innovation in motion

The Moerdijk port and industrial area is known for its excellent logistics infrastructure. With direct access to waterways, highways and rail connections, the site offers a strategic location for efficient freight flows. 

Important logistics hub in Europe

It has modern transshipment facilities and large-scale warehouses that meet the highest logistics standards. This infrastructure makes Moerdijk an important logistics hub in the Netherlands and Europe, where companies benefit from fast and reliable transport options.

Thanks to the multimodal transport options, goods on Moerdijk can easily be transferred between different modes of transport. Ships can dock at the quays, where freight can easily be transferred to trucks or trains. This seamless connection between water, road and rail transport offers companies flexibility and efficiency in their logistics chains. 

Multimodal transport options

As a center of logistics innovation, Moerdijk continues to lead the way with advanced technologies and processes. This includes digitalization of logistics processes, such as automated storage and order fulfillment systems, as well as sustainable logistics solutions, such as electric transport and smart route planning. By continuing to invest in innovation, Moerdijk strives to continuously improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of logistics activities on the ground.

These changes have an impact on demand within the labor market. NXT Moerdijk contributes to solutions for labor market issues. We stimulate innovative initiatives, sustainable solutions, exchange knowledge and create a learning environment for labor potential and students.

Together for a future-proof labor market

NXT Moerdijk was developed with entrepreneurs, education and government for employers at the Port Industry Moerdijk (HIM). Is your company located at HIM and are you not yet a member of NXT Moerdijk? No problem, NXT Moerdijk is also there for you. Sign In!

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12 September 2024

“We need to work together more when it comes to personnel. As entrepreneurs, we have to put our shoulders to the wheel together.”

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