Sustainability for the future

The Moerdijk port and industrial area attaches great importance to sustainability and continuously strives for innovative solutions. Through green energy initiatives, such as solar and wind energy, and investments in energy-efficient technologies, we are working towards a sustainable future.

Partnerships and innovation

Partnerships with companies, educational institutions and government organizations play a crucial role in Moerdijk's sustainability efforts. By collaborating on research, development and implementation of sustainable technologies and practices, Moerdijk promotes innovation in the fields of green chemistry, energy efficiency and circular production. These collaborations enable Moerdijk to remain at the forefront of sustainable development and have a positive impact on the environment.

Change is a necessity

In light of the rapidly changing sustainability trends, the labor market in the Moerdijk port and industrial area requires well-trained personnel with new skills and expertise. The shift to greener technologies and circular economies is creating new jobs and career opportunities in sectors such as sustainable energy, green chemistry and environmental technology. Therefore, there is a growing demand for specialized education and training to prepare workers for these changes and enable them to thrive in an increasingly sustainable labor market.

These changes have an impact on demand within the labor market. NXT Moerdijk contributes to solutions for labor market issues. We stimulate innovative initiatives, sustainable solutions, exchange knowledge and create a learning environment for labor potential and students.

Together for a future-proof labor market

NXT Moerdijk was developed with entrepreneurs, education and government for employers at the Port Industry Moerdijk (HIM). Is your company located at HIM and are you not yet a member of NXT Moerdijk? No problem, NXT Moerdijk is also there for you. Sign In!

Upcoming activities

12 September 2024

“We need to work together more when it comes to personnel. As entrepreneurs, we have to put our shoulders to the wheel together.”

Peggy Kakebeeke

General Manager Euro-Rijn

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