Discover NXT Moerdijk: innovation and collaboration

The port and industrial estate of Moerdijk is bustling with innovation and activity. Many of these companies are growing. In this process people are looking for staff. An issue that extends beyond just the port and industrial estate of Moerdijk. NXT Moerdijk contributes to this issue and, together with stakeholders, builds a sustainable and future-proof labor market.

Part of getting here is the NXT Moerdijk app. This innovative app connects companies, educational institutions and job seekers in a way that revolutionizes the future of work and learning. We spoke to Marloeke Werst, co-founder of 21CC Education, who is responsible for the development and success of the app, about the impact of this tool.

An interactive platform

“NXT Moerdijk is not just an industrial area; it is a community of people who contribute to a sustainable and innovative labor market,” says Marloeke. “The app tells stories of individuals working in Moerdijk, and these stories provide a unique insight into their work, their contributions to sustainability, and the future of the area.”

The NXT Moerdijk app is a visually interactive platform. It offers users the opportunity to click through the Moerdijk industrial estate and learn more about working at the various companies and educational institutions. This is done through videos, descriptions, vacancies, internships, games and illustrations. An events calendar and company assignments will also be added soon. This makes applying for jobs and getting in touch with companies easier than ever.


An important role

The NXT Moerdijk app plays a crucial role in making information accessible to job seekers, students and pupils. “They can discover the possibilities in the area via their mobile phone and learn more about logistics through interactive games,” says Marloeke. “Future updates will include specific learning materials, helping users develop skills that prepare them for jobs in the region.”

Support collaboration

One of the most impressive aspects of the app is how it supports collaboration between educational institutions and businesses. “The combination of physical and digital learning ensures that practice can easily be integrated into lessons,” says Marloeke. “Students can see what is happening at different companies and how they can contribute through vacancies, internships, assignments, events, innovative developments and sustainable projects.”

Promoting innovation

Companies in Moerdijk can use the app to stimulate innovation through interactive knowledge transfer, such as e-learning, storytelling, scenarios and games. This helps students to understand how they can deal with digitalization, sustainability and robotization even before their career. In addition, the app can help companies optimize administrative and logistics processes, for example by making CO2 reporting more efficient.

Specific themes

“The app highlights important themes within NXT Moerdijk, such as the labor market, training, growth and career paths,” says Marloeke. “Innovation and sustainability are central, with a focus on logistics, technology, chemistry and circular and sustainable waste processing.”

The app will be further expanded in the future with new features, such as a skills passport, a 'sneak peak' option, push notifications and assessments. All this to help users better understand their talents, motivations and skills. Businesses will also have access to dashboards to monitor and optimize app usage.

The power of collaboration

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to join the NXT Moerdijk app. “The collaboration offers countless opportunities to make the area more attractive for job seekers,” says Marloeke. “Consider organizing events, creating joint learning material, offering joint internships and offering career opportunities.”

Take a look

The NXT Moerdijk app is a window to the many possibilities on the industrial estate. Whether you are a job seeker, student or high school student, the app offers valuable insights into the logistics, sustainability and innovations of companies in Moerdijk.

“NXT Moerdijk and its app represent a progressive approach to working and learning,” Marloeke concludes. “By sharing stories, promoting collaboration and stimulating innovation, this app makes the Moerdijk industrial estate a leading example of modern industrial development. Download the app today and discover what Moerdijk has to offer!”

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