Frigo for a sustainable future

In the dynamic world of Moerdijk, where industry, government and education come together, NXT Moerdijk plays a central role. As a collective of companies, governments, and educational institutions, NXT Moerdijk aims to promote sustainable growth and ensure a healthy labor market. One of the notable participants in this initiative is Frigo Warehousing, a global player in the transport and warehousing of food and related products. And perhaps one of the coolest employers in Moerdijk.

Frigo Warehousing

Frigo Warehousing recently took the step to join NXT Moerdijk. As a leading player in the logistics sector, Frigo has a clear vision of the future. With an existing terminal in the port of Moerdijk, they have the ambition to realize a CO2-neutral warehouse with a capacity of 50,000 pallet places. An important aspect of their sustainability initiative is the ability to run completely autonomously on solar and wind energy.

The choice for Moerdijk

Why did Frigo choose Moerdijk? Moerdijk's strategic location and logistics infrastructure play a crucial role. With its own quay in the port of Moerdijk, Frigo can provide tri-modal transport and even facilitate a Border Inspection Point. This choice not only offers operational benefits, such as a more efficient logistics operation, but also contributes to Frigo's sustainability ambitions and reducing C02 emissions.

What does the future hold?

The future of Frigo in Moerdijk is promising. The new location will not only be a CO2-neutral cold store with mobile racks, but also a hub for co-packing and the inspection of veterinary products. The ability to freely divide sections of the cold store and to facilitate a Border Inspection Point testifies to Frigo's pursuit of a complete logistics solution. The expansion to Moerdijk also means significant growth for Frigo, which is emphasized by their new head office in this strategic location.

Frigo's affiliation with NXT Moerdijk not only marks a new phase for the company itself, but also contributes to NXT Moerdijk's broader vision of sustainable growth and a healthy labor market. With their focus on CO2 neutrality, efficiency, and diversity in logistics solutions, Frigo positions itself as an important partner within this collective. The choice of Moerdijk as a home base is not only strategic, but also a contribution to a sustainable future for both Frigo and the broader community of Moerdijk, as well as relieving the A15 / A16 corridor by moving freight from the road to the water.

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