Logistical adventures in Moerdijk

In the heart of the bustling Moerdijk industrial area, where logistics and innovation come together, you will find Bonny Akkermans. At the age of 30, she has already built a flourishing career at Eurorijn XL Logistics. We take you into her story and discover why working in Moerdijk is so inspiring.

The logistics captain

Meet Bonny Akkermans, a dynamic professional who plays a crucial role at Eurorijn XL Logistics. Her main mission? Ensure that the goods arrive smoothly and on time at the warehouses they manage. Her daily tasks include monitoring ships, containers and trucks, preparing and checking essential customs documents and maintaining contacts with various stakeholders.

“I am Bonny Akkermans,” as she begins with a smile on her face. “I work for Eurorijn XL Logistics, where I am responsible for logistics operations. My job is to ensure that the goods find their way seamlessly to our warehouses, and this requires constant vigilance and cooperation with others in the supply chain.”

The magic of Moerdijk

Why did Bonny choose Moerdijk as her workplace? Her reasons reflect the appeal of this vibrant industrial hub.

“There are several reasons why I like working in Moerdijk,” shares Bonny. “First of all, my colleagues are great. It feels like a second family here, and that makes work fun every day. Plus I can cycle to work, which I think is great. It contributes to my work-life balance. And let's not forget that the working conditions here are excellent.”

The logistics remain fascinating

What makes the work in Moerdijk so fascinating for Bonny? It is the magic of logistics that continues to inspire her.

“The most special thing about my work is that the goods in our warehouses ultimately end up with the customers,” says Bonny with enthusiasm. “When you walk through a store, you often don't realize the process that preceded it. But when you realize that you are part of that process, it is very satisfying. I also like the flexibility of the logistics sector. You can make your own mark, the processes are not yet set in stone. There is room for improvement and innovation, and your ideas can make a difference.”

An invitation to future logistics talents

Bonny concludes with an encouragement to those considering a career in logistics.

“Why would I recommend my job? Because logistics is so versatile,” Bonny emphasizes. “There are countless positions available, whether you prefer to work in the office, in the warehouse, or behind the wheel of trucks, terminal tractors or forklifts. Whether you want to work day or evening shifts, there is room for everyone in logistics. I recommend my job because of the great colleagues, the collaboration and the shared goal. Yes, it can be mentally or physically challenging at times, but the satisfaction you get from successfully completing projects is priceless. You have the freedom and space for your own input and ideas, and you can actively contribute to optimizing processes in an ever-changing market and regulations.”

Bonny Akkermans embodies the power of logistics in Moerdijk, where teamwork, flexibility and the opportunity to make an impact are central. Her story is just one example of the many exciting career opportunities this vibrant region has to offer. In Moerdijk, the future of logistics is in good hands, and your role can be the next important link in the logistics world.

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