Discover and be discovered!

The NXT Moerdijk app is a visually interactive platform. It offers you the opportunity to discover jobs and companies in the industrial area. Download the app and view the vacancies!

Gain access to the future

The NXT Moerdijk app plays a crucial role in making information accessible to job seekers, students and pupils. You as a company can use the app to stimulate innovation through interactive knowledge transfer, such as e-learning, storytelling, scenarios and games. This helps students to understand how they can deal with digitalization, sustainability and robotization even before their career. In addition, it contributes to:

Together for a future-proof labor market

NXT Moerdijk was developed with entrepreneurs, education and government for employers at the Port Industry Moerdijk (HIM). Is your company located at HIM and are you not yet a member of NXT Moerdijk? No problem, NXT Moerdijk is also there for you. Sign In!

Upcoming activities

12 September 2024

“We need to work together more when it comes to personnel. As entrepreneurs, we have to put our shoulders to the wheel together.”

Peggy Kakebeeke

General Manager Euro-Rijn

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