Ondernemen en innoveren op haven-en industriegebied Moerdijk

The Moerdijk port industrial area is home to approximately 400 active companies and is known for its strong industrial character, with a focus on sectors such as chemicals, energy and recycling. As an important logistics hub, the port offers large-scale warehouses and world-class distribution options.

Doing what we are good at in the Moerdijk port and industrial area

In the Moerdijk port and industrial area we are committed to excelling in what we are good at. With a rich history as an industrial hotspot and home to more than 400 active companies, including leading names in sectors such as chemicals, energy and recycling, we strive for continuous improvement and innovation. By focusing on our core competencies and investing in sustainability, collaboration and community involvement, we remain a driving force for economic growth and development in the region. At Port of Moerdijk we strive not only to do what we are good at, but to keep getting better and to have a positive impact on our environment and community.


12 September 2024