Start of the Dutch Language Course (NT2)

1 October 2024

In oktober start een bijzondere Nederlandse taalopleiding (NT2) voor 25 medewerkers van DSV, Eurorijn en CCT. Deze opleiding wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met Curio en vindt plaats op locatie op het haven-en industriegebied Moerdijk.

What does the training entail?

  • 10-week program: For ten weeks, participants will take intensive classes designed to improve their Dutch language skills.
  • Curio as trainer: Curio, an experienced trainer in the NT2 trajectory, will provide these lessons and ensures a practical and effective learning environment.
  • Tailor-made follow-up programs: After the first ten weeks, an assessment is made of what further support the participants need to fully grow in their position and perform optimally in their working environment.

Objective of the training:

This NT2 course is specifically aimed at improving the language skills of employees so that they can communicate and function more effectively in their professional roles. This is an important step in their personal and professional development, making them better able to contribute to their organization and advance their own careers.

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